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We will be hosting our inaugural "Concussion Discussion workshop" for docs. 

The venue will be the Grand-Daddy of them all, the Press box of the ROSE BOWL!


I will be co-Teaching with Dr Steve Geonopoulis of NYC and personal training LEAD instructor to the NHL and New York Yankees, Ben Valasquez.

With 15+ years in studying concussion protocol, brain science and subluxation-based rehab, Dr Steve is one of the foremost authorities on the subject in the world. He will distill down the practical part of this confusing topic and elevate your results in the office. 

Ben is trained by Guy Voye' of France and trains routinely with Mark Lyndsey of A.R.T fame on some of the most elite athletes in the world. 

His rehab protocol is second to none. His relationship to our group is exclusive. 

Combine this neurology and functional movement expertise with Glow's marketing strategies for attracting "performance Patients" and you have more than concussed athletes as new patients. You have a recipe for attracting a new kind of wellness patient: a performance based new patient. This is not about Pain, its about attracting entire Football teams this fall for a Base-Line eval that Every player must have before the season starts! If they fail the protocol, they start chiropractic care immediately. If they pass, then you have the key to their future analysis of concussion injuries and play an integral part of their recovery. 

Get here, book your seat and be a solution to the growing epidemic of concussion.

Concussion Roulette™ LIVE Seminar


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