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Concussion Roulette is Brain Power
For New Patients

What makes the new patient wheel go around! How having this wheel balanced can equal personal balance as well. The secret is in ALIGNMENT!  It includes:

  • Apply marketing strategies on this topic specifically for New Patients!

  • Using universal influence laws to your advantage & why the “season” is your friend

  • Create an avalanche of new patients

  • How to use candor & time in concussion talks to teams

  • Clinically deliver & the ‘community’ of each team has exponential REFERRALS

  • Athletes are motivated for wellness & prevention, more than sports injuries!

  • See what the 2 for 1 potential is at every talk on concussion

  • Lower your marketing “COA” (cost of acquisition) 

*The video can be paused by clicking on it.

Yes Dr. Glow! I'm ready to pull my community out of awareness and into action!

This all inclusive virtual on-demand training series will help you maximize your growth in the cultural conversation of "concussion". Get ready to dive deep, this content is made simple for you to implement now and to start attracting believers.

 Here's What our Members are Saying About Concussion Roulette™

Drove to Atlanta and back this morning to adjust both the Coed and All-girl USA Cheer teams as they are preparing for the World championship next week, totally worth the drive, those kids LOVED the adjustments, as well as the coaches were so impressed that they suggested I come to the National Cheerleading Safety Conference.

         -Dr. Doug Stithem

Just got word back that I'm invited to speak for the June meeting of our towns soccer club. It's the meeting where they hand out trophy's and scholarships. Usually 80-100 in attendance. 

          -Dr. Peter Joffe

Win Win Win for the team and Chiropractic !!  I am going to start the concussion protocol and postural neurology testing tomorrow for the Sacramento River Cats . Our goal is within a month every player on the San Francisco Giants AAA team will have a baseline test and be under care for the season.  I will then recheck all the at risk players at end of season.  Its going to be a great season!!

          -Dr. Robert Graykowski

Time to 10x it. I did some ROF and the course is paid for already and I have not had done class yet. All from Table Talk, people are all over this stuff.

         -Dr. Frank Musante

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